St Thomas Christmas Poster 2018

Wed Dec 19 @14:00 - 03:00PM
Carols at Minster Grange
Thu Dec 20 @12:30 - 02:30PM
Encounter Christmas Meal
Fri Dec 21 @09:30 - 11:30AM
Babes ’n’ Tots
Sun Dec 23 @10:30 - 11:45AM
Morning Service and children's groups
Mon Dec 24 @23:30 - 12:30AM
Christmas Midnight Communion Service
Tue Dec 25 @10:30 - 11:30AM
Christmas Celebration Service

Welcome to St Thomas'! We are a small, but growing, church in the heart of the Groves area of York. We are committed to reaching out into our local community – serving people who are in need, and above all showing God’s love as best we can. We want to celebrate what God is doing in this wonderful part of His world. 

We meet together each Sunday at 10.30am, and we hope that you will find our gatherings welcoming, family-friendly, and full of God’s presence. 

If you live in this part of York, you can be assured that we are praying that God will richly bless you and that you will know his love and goodness in your life.