Phil and Frances Harding share their vision for living in community: 

Living in Community
We really just stumbled into what we read of in Acts that “No one claimed that 
any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had”
What we might call room for the kingdom – simply offering a room to some one who needed one. We – like many
others – have been doing this for many years.
This has been a huge source of encouragement to us as we hope it has been for those who have lived with us. A
reminder of the power of encouragement just 
as we see in Barnabas’s life – the son of encouragement we read of
in Acts 4. So if you have a spare room - then consider how this might become a room for the kingdom.
This is not the only encouragement we have known nor the only form of encouragement we can offer within the
community – as we shared at being community
within community and also through the community awards evening
– just great to see people of all ages and backgrounds being honoured.
In Acts 4 we also read “God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there was no needy person among
In this honouring and encouraging, it is 
great to have the opportunity to meet people’s social, emotional and
even spiritual needs.
This is very much part of where we sense God is leading us – from up to 5 people living with us to a community 3 to
4 times this number.
Every person, couple or family with their own dedicated space – but much of where we would eat, relax, prepare
meals, etc. shared. This communal space 
available for use by the wider community.
We are exploring this with a group of all ages – all interested in being involved in the community whether living within
it or joining in from outside. We would very 
much value your prayers – as we work with other organisations in York
and as we approach other organisations further afield including Redeeming Our Communities.
If you want to find out more then do speak to us – either now or at another time.
We have a power point pack which gives you more details. If you want a copy let us know and we can email this to you.

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