About us
We're praying for God to send workers into this harvest field... It could be you!
St Thomas' is a local church, committed to serving the local community, and right on the doorstep of York St John university. Our location gives us an amazing opportunity to reach out to a diverse mix of people and to pray that God would transform many lives. We long for our church to be a place where we love each other deeply, where we pray expectantly, where we stand firmly on the truth of God's Word - all because the Holy Spirit is at work uniting us in love for Jesus Christ. We are small, but we are growing; and we trust God desires that many more in our area become his followers. If you are excited to be part of a loving fellowship aiming to see lives transformed by God's power, maybe St Thomas' is the church for you. And, yes, our social media presence is pretty crap; and we don't have a funky logo. Maybe one day we will; but we reckon God's bigger than that either way.  


What do we do for students?
As with everyone else in the congregation, we want for our students to grow and flourish in their relationship with God while in York. 
It's for this reason that we run weekly student gatherings during term time, where the focus is not only on building friendships (though that's vital) but also on being equipped to live as Christian students. We aim to disciple our students as well as possible - perhaps pairing students up with older Christians, or in small groups. Enabling students to grow and mature as followers of Jesus is a high priority for us. Beyond specific student events, there are many opportunities for students to serve in the life of the church - in children's work, worship, outreach and community involvement. If you have the vision to see new things happening, we would be as supportive as possible so long as they fall within the general vision and values of St Thomas'. Students who have spent time with us have valued the welcome they received and also the fact that they have been given opportunities to participate in the life of the church.