Feb 24th to Easter – Sermons and Home Groups

Continuation of the Generosity/Giving series:

Feb 24th – The heart of giving: Luke 21.1-4 (Pete Platts)
March 3rd – The grace of giving: 2 Corinthians 8.1-9 (Louise Barclay)

March 10th – A story of God’s grace (Jose Linnane)
March 17th (All Age) – Cross-shaped living introduction (Sam Nunes)
March 24th – Cross-shaped living: sex (Stuart Dyas)
March 31st – Celebration Service and AGM
April 7th – Cross-shaped living: the local church (Phil Moore)
April 14th – Cross-shaped living: time (Ed Mezzetti)

After Easter we will probably continue the ‘cross-shaped living’ theme, looking at some other issues, like power, the environment etc.

Home Groups:

Home groups may want to follow these themes through (I will let you know which Bible passages people will be using in the ‘cross-shaped living’ series). However, it might also be appropriate to look at the 40 Acts material, which is designed for Lent and follows on nicely from the series on giving and generosity. It uses passages from Acts and can be found here: https://40acts.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/40acts-Small-Groups-Studies-2019-1.pdf

I will also write something short and practical about giving to accompany the current series, and it may be helpful if groups can talk through or share this material. We will be asking people to take stock and think about their own financial giving on March 10th in church.