St Thomas Church
Lowther St, YorkY031 7ND

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Welcome to St Thomas' in the Groves! We are a small, but growing, church in the heart of the Groves area of York. We are committed to reaching out into our local community – serving people who are in need, and above all showing God’s love as best we can. We want to celebrate what God is doing in this wonderful part of His world. 

We normally meet together each Sunday at 10.30am, and we hope that people find our gatherings welcoming, family-friendly, and full of God’s presence.

If you live in this part of York, you can be assured that we are praying that God will richly bless you and that you will know his love and goodness in your life. 


A Prayer for these times

Lord God, ruler of the heavens and the earth, you came to us in Jesus Christ so that we might be rescued.

By your death on the cross, Lord Jesus, you bought freedom for people of every tribe and nation and language. Under you, loving Father, your precious people of every tribe and nation and language will one day rule a peace-filled earth.

It pains our hearts to see a world so divided, so many oppressed and crushed. We cry out to you for healing, for justice, for your life-giving love to flow. We have hope, because we know that you love everything you have made, and we pray that – one heart at a time – you would change your world by your grace.

We thank you, Jesus, for the power of your blood to break down the walls of hatred, and to bring peace where before there was contempt.

We repent of our own part in the brokenness and sickness of this world. We so desperately need your wisdom, Lord: peace-loving, gentle, compassionate wisdom. We pray it for ourselves and for our leaders.

And as we live in a world gasping for breath – the horror of George Floyd’s murder, unable to breathe; the tragedy of coronavirus victims, unable to breathe; the countless numbers crushed in slavery and exploitation – we fall to our knees in prayer. Holy Spirit, in this our suffocating world, please breathe your life. Come, breath of God, sweep through this land, bring life out of death and hope out of despair.

All for your glory, that the world may see your loving-kindness.