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St Thomas News 15th April 2021

Dear Church Family,

I hope you've been enjoying the Easter season! We'll be continuing with our hybrid in-person/online services this Sunday at 10,30am. If you would like to come and haven't let me know, please get in touch so we can ensure we have space for everyone. From home, you can continue to join by
Facebook or YouTube or on the Zoom call (631 970 6882).

There are a few things to say about our communal worship at this point:
- First, I would really encourage you to aim to come in person at least every few weeks if at all possible. Some of us have got into the habit of worshipping via a screen while that's been all we can do; others may have dropped out of engaging with corporate worship over the past months. Either way, being with fellow Christians for encouragement is perhaps more important than we realize. So please do consider carefully if you can return soon.
- Second, as we do begin to gather together, we need to be diligent in trying to obey the law and in looking to one another's needs. I'm quite sure there are very different views, opinions and emotions across the church at the moment; this is a time for patience, kindness and forbearance! As far as the current rules are concerned I need to remind you that inside the building different households should not 'mingle'. I would encourage you to go straight to your seats as you arrive at church, and then to take care to leave plenty of space from others when leaving the building.

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St Thomas News 1st April 2021

Dear Church Family,

I'm sure not many of us would have expected, as we celebrated Easter 2020 online, that we'd still be restricted from meeting together by Easter 2021. For all the sadnesses and frustrations, we trust that our loving Father has been and continues to be at work.

This week, there are a number of services taking place. Today, (very shortly!) at 12pm there is a Maundy Thursday communion service in church.

Tomorrow at 2pm is a reflective service for Good Friday - this will be both in-person and livestreamed (please join by Facebook or YouTube for this service, rather than Zoom, to make things easier for us technically!)

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St Thomas News 25th March 2021

Dear Church Family,

Things are moving along well with the sanding and staining etc of the floor in church now the pews have been removed. Thanks so much to all who have been helping out. If you are free at all this Saturday, come and give a hand from 9am with dusting, cleaning, re-arranging chairs etc - bring a mask, some polish, a duster, a cloth, a bucket, some Flash...
As you can see from the photo below, even some of the things we were throwing out (lino) proved valuable to others in the community!

Next week is Holy Week, and we will have a couple of special services:
Maundy Thursday - communion at 12 midday
Good Friday - reflective service at 2pm (also streamed on Youtube/Facebook)

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St Thomas News 19th March 2021

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday we'll once again be livestreaming the service at 10.30am, and it will be the last on our series linked with the 'Live Lent' readings - this time looking at Paul's message to the Greeks in Acts 17. As ever, you can join on Facebook or YouTube or via Zoom (ID 631 970 6882). There will be a chance to chat to others in small groups after the service on Zoom, too.

Next Tuesday has been designated a 'national day of reflection' one year on from the first lockdown order. There is a call for a minute's silence at 12pm, and I will be leading some prayers on the steps of the church just after the silence. You are welcome to come and stand socially distanced in front of the church. We plan to have some yellow ribbon on the railings to mark the day of reflection. It would be good for us each to think about whether there are people we can pray for, or perhaps send cards or messages to, or to phone, on this day.

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St Thomas News 9th March 2021

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday we'll be having another of our online (but we hope engaging!) All Age services, looking at Philip and the Ethiopian from Acts 8. As ever, you can join on Facebook or YouTube - but if families (or indeed anyone!) would like to join via Zoom (ID 631 970 6882), you'll be able to see each other and interact more fully!

Tomorrow at 2pm is the service to celebrate the life of Laurie Pennock at church - of course, numbers have to be limited, but if you would like to be on Lowther Street to applaud, you are welcome to do this. To do so, please arrive by 1.50pm (I wouldn't recommend using the car park, as you may then be blocked in for the duration of the service).

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