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St Thomas News 25th August 2020

Dear Church,

This Sunday we'll again have our livestreamed service at 10.30am on Zoom (631 970 6882), Facebook and YouTube. I'll be speaking this week about Zechariah 4.6-10, and not despising the day of small things. Please join us if you can!

Later in the day, we will have a communion service in church at 4pm. In October we may well move to a midweek time for this service in preparation for darker evenings as we move towards winter.

In terms of our midweek activities in the buildings, we are of course trying to keep abreast of changing guidelines. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch. As and when we get into a proper pattern, I'll get the word out! The prayer meeting at 9am on Tuesday on Zoom is continuing.
Please don't hesitate to call, text or email if you are in need of anything.

There is a new Verse of the Week - the parable of the mustard seed from Matthew 13 - about which I've recorded a short video, so do take a look if you'd like to.

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St Thomas News 14th August 2020

Dear Church,

This will be the last email from me for a couple of weeks, as we're about to go away. In the meantime, we continue to have live online services on Sundays at 10.30am. Follow on Facebook or Youtube, or join the Zoom call (ID 631 970 6882). Over the next three Sundays, there will be talks from Ed Mezzetti, Sam Nunes and Abi Federovsky, so lots to look forward to!

Coming up are the final two weeks of the Hope Holiday Club - don't forget to join in on Facebook if your family is involved, premiering each Sunday at 4pm. Do also get in touch with Charlotte with thoughts and ideas about kids' activities as we move into the new school term.

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St Thomas News 6th August 2020

Dear Church,

We continue our online services throughout August each Sunday at 10.30am. Join the Zoom call (ID 631 970 6882), or follow on Facebook or YouTube. The good news is that, after this Sunday when it's me again, some exciting speakers are lined up!

This Sunday we will again have a socially distanced communion service at 4pm in church. We expect that masks will now be mandatory for those attending. We will then have two weeks (16th and 23rd) when there will be NO 4pm service.

Pete and Marie have produced a new prayer diary here for (the rest of) August. We're taking a few weeks off writing the daily Bible notes for August, but we expect these, and the verses of the week, will return in September.

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St Thomas News Extra- 31st July 2020

Dear Church,

A little reminder of what's happening at the moment:

Sundays -
We'll be streaming again from the church building this Sunday at 10.30 on Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to join in on Zoom if you want to feel more in the action (Zoom ID 631 970 6882 - join from 10.20-10.30) - as this is Louise's last service, we will be praying for her. If you would like to pray for her, again please join the Zoom call.

We'll again be having a communion service in St Thomas' at 4pm. It's helpful if you can let me know if you plan to come, as numbers are limited by social distancing.

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St Thomas News Extra - 26th July 2020

Dear church,

The final week of daily readings from Colossians are here. We'll be having an August break and the daily readings will return in September!

Also, please take a look at the excellent online 'conferences' being held over the next few days:
Keswick Convention's virtual event is running from Monday 27th to Friday 31st.
New Wine 'Breaks Out' goes from Thursday evening (30th) to Monday 3rd August.

Both include lots of teaching and worship for all ages.

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