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St Thomas News - 12th June 2020

Dear Church,

We've been plugging on through this lockdown period, trying to do things which will be beneficial. New things (or new versions of older things) have sprung up online, and we are grateful for feedback we've received. However, it's a weird experience being 'online' and unable to see and speak to people, so to help us gauge what's going well, what's less effective, and what we might be missing, please fill in thisshort feedback form. Just click on the link and you can answer the questions very briefly (or write an essay if you prefer!) - it will be a tremendous help to know what's proving valuable. Please go through to section 2 in order to submit - the questions for families are in section 2, but you can skip over if not relevant to you.

We'll be going live again on Sunday at 10.30. Please do join us on Facebook or YouTube. Again I'll be offering some informal words and taking bread and wine, so please respond to that at home in whatever way you find helpful. Our songs this week will be (click the link for words):
Because of God's Great Love (Dumbrocks); Rejoice (Ed Corke); chorus of I Will Worship (Kees Kraayenoord - good name); Sovereign Over Us (Aaron Keys); Here is Love
As we did two weeks ago, we'll 'gather' for a post-service chat via Zoom (ID 631 970 6882) - it was fun! Everyone's welcome to join.

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St Thomas News - 5th June 2020

Dear Church,

We 'meet' again on Sunday at 10.30am on Facebook and YouTube. We enjoyed the chance to chat together on Zoom after last week's service and hope to do that every couple of weeks. This week, prayer ministry will again be available on Zoom after the service - ID 631 970 6882.
The songs for this week's service are/include (with links to lyrics): Forever; What a Beautiful Name; Because of God's Great Love; Crown Him with Many Crowns

We've emphasized prayer during this time of lockdown (and indeed at the beginning of 2020). I attach the prayer diary for June (thanks to Pete and Marie), and this coming week we are trialling Night Prayer (compline) at 9pm, Monday to Thursday. To join in, you again join Zoom Meeting ID 631 970 6882 - you won't be on video if that worries you! For this coming week, this in instead of the 1pm prayers on Facebook.

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Groves Groceries

Maya and Eddy James provide an overview of the St Thomas’ community project which concluded on July 22nd.

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St Thomas News - 30th May 2020

Dear Church,

I hope you're able in some way to enjoy the sunshine!

This Sunday is Pentecost! Which is a very good reason to celebrate. Join us as usual at 10.30am via Facebook or YouTube. (Song list to follow.) This week, we invite everyone to join in on Zoom after the service for refreshments and a chat (Zoom ID: 631 970 6882) - I'm afraid we thought delivering cake to every home was a step too far, but bring your own if you can! - Please note that Zoom will soon not allow you to join a meeting until you have the latest version. This will probably have happened automatically, but you can go here to read more.

Also on Sunday, there is a special service for all York churches at 6pm - this will be available to watch on (and you might spot me if you watch very carefully).

Between Friday and Sunday, The House of Prayer in York ( is also co-ordinating some other events for Thy Kingdom Come and Pentectost. Please see the website, but this includes a six-hour period of worship (Friday, 3-9pm) on their Facebook page - featuring our very own Louise at 6-7pm.

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St Thomas News - 22nd May 2020

Dear Church,

Online activities continue! On Sunday at 10.30am is live-streamed worship. This time with guest preacher, Chris Wilson!
This week, I will again use some informal liturgy and take bread and wine as part of the service. I encourage you to participate at home in whatever way you find appropriate and helpful.
The songs in the service will be: Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun; Our God is a Great Big God (with actions); I Lift My Hands (Andre Kempen); Fullness (Elevation Worship - a new one for us); When I Was Lost (Kate Simmonds).

Yesterday was Ascension Day, and a week on Sunday it's Pentecost. This time of year we've recently been involved with the 'Thy Kingdom Come' wave of prayer. Although things are different this time, there are plenty of online resources and an app from TKC. Here in York the House of Prayer is organizing 48 hours pf prayer from 9am on Friday, for which you can sign up to pray from home. There will also be a worship event on Friday 29th, 3-9pm (on Facebook) and a prayer meeting on Sat 30th, 7-8pm (on Zoom). All the details here
There will also be a special Pentecost service for York in the evening - details to follow.

I have been recording some videos on 'How to Read the Bible' aimed to give you more confidence in your personal Bible reading. You can find them on the St Thomas' Facebook page and YouTube channel. They keep coming!

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