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Holy Week reflections on the cross

These reflections correspond with the videos on youtube and facebook.

Monday – Sacrifice

Through this week, I am going to share these little reflections to help us to think about what is the central event of our faith, and in fact of the entire history of the world – the crucifixion of Jesus. How can it be that the state-sponsored, degrading, humiliating death of Christ can be the event that would change everything? The Bible has many ways of looking at this, many pictures of what is happening on the cross, and I want to share some thoughts about a few of these. The first, today, is the idea of sacrifice.

Sacrifice in our culture is talked about in association with some particular actions. We think of the sacrifice of those in the military ‘for their country’. We talk, right now, of the ‘sacrifice’ of those health workers especially working so hard and putting themselves in potential danger to care for others.

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 L I V E - F R O M - T H E - V I C A R A G E

Join us on Facebook and YouTube  for our Sunday morning service live from the vicarage. Have you missed the sounds of children running around, and going a bit crackers while the service goes on?? Fear not, there are even some built in to this special edition. So find a comfy chair, a screen and grab a coffee and we'll see you at 10.30am. If you want to join a small group, a group of 10 or so believers who meet together by video chat and discuss the sermon, and pray together mid-week, get in touch, we'd love you to join us. See you on Sunday! You'd be so welcome.

St Thomas News - 4th April 2020

Dear Church,

Just to keep you up to date with the St Thomas' virtual goings on: (a reminder that the places to go are - and

Tomorrow, we will be live-streaming again from the vicarage (or trying to) at 10.30am, this time even with some contribution from the kids, we think! The songs we plan to use, if you want to look for some lyrics, are:
Praise is Rising (Brenton Brown)
You're Everywhere (Vineyard - this is an action song, so get ready!)
Who Can Stand Before the Lord (Geraldine Latty)
What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong)
Ride On, Ride On in Majesty (good old Palm Sunday hymn)

For families, Charlotte has uploaded a video to Facebook with a kids' Palm Sunday story, craft and prayer activity. (you may have to scroll down to find it)

Each day, Monday to Saturday, I will be live-streaming a reflection on the cross at 2pm. Mostly these will be just me talking, but on Good Friday at 2pm we will also try to incorporate some songs and a longer period of reflection.

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St Thomas News - 31st March 2020

Dear Church,

I wanted to alert you to a couple of things:

- The church prayer diary for April is available here (thanks to Pete and Marie).
- The final few days of the Lent readings in 1 Peter have been added here.
- Ed Mezzetti's talk, which he was going to give at St Thomas' on March 22nd, the final in the series on 1 Thessalonians, is now available on the YouTube channel ( - thanks to Ed for recording it for us!

In case I don't email again beforehand, you can also join Louise for a live-streamed worship time on Friday at 6pm.

For those missing sharing in bread and wine, you might be helped by reading what the Church of England says about 'spiritual communion'.

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