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St Thomas News - 9th December 2020

Dear Church,

As we get nearer to Christmas, the 'main thing' we are able to do this year is to open the church for our 'Festival of Trees and Nativity'. A team are coming to set up on Saturday, so all will look fantastic, I'm sure. We hope this will be a way to make contact with and offer some Christmas joy to local people.
If you can help to open the church any day between Mon 14th and Christmas Eve (2-4pm) please let me know when. I'm getting a rota together and trying not to put people on too much!

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PCC Summary – December 2020

The PCC reappointed Dave Pennock as treasurer, Tom Dennis as secretary, and appointed Abi Oscroft as safeguarding officer (with Ruth Dunlop as PCC link for safeguarding). We are very thankful for all Jenny Bingham’s work as safeguarding officer as she steps down.

We discussed the application for a temporary licence from the archdeacon for the removal of pews from the nave. We agreed that we should make this application. It requires that the pews are stored until and unless a permanent faculty is granted for their permanent removal. We hope that this will give us more options for gathered worship and for community groups during this period of social distancing. We also hope it will give us the opportunity to ‘experiment’ and therefore to think creatively about the plans for the development of the church interior in the longer term. We are aware that this will mean things will have a ‘temporary’ feel for the time being, should this application be granted – ie, using a variety of chairs, not yet having the floor levelled etc. We hope that this will help us to see the possibilities for the future rather than put us off!

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St Thomas News - 2nd December 2020

Dear Church,

It's great that Christmas cards have been going out across the parish this week - many thanks to all involved!

As lockdown ends, we are able to hold services again - tomorrow (Thursday) at 12pm we have a communion service in church. Please do come along if you would like to - remember that face coverings must be worn and social distancing maintained.

This Sunday is a little different - we will have a short service from the vicarage at 10.30am when I'll be finishing our series on Ezra. Follow on Facebook, Youtube or Zoom (631 970 6882). Then at 4pm we have our Christingle Service. Unfortunately this has to be online, but church in a bag families will be receiving all the things they need to make their Christingles at home - do come on to the Zoom call if you can! (but we're also on Facebook and YouTube too)

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St Thomas News - 25th November 2020

Dear Church,

Last Thursday we enjoyed an evening of prayer, out of which came some encouraging verses and thoughts. I've attached a document with them, and I thought the themes were mainly about finding security and refuge in closeness to God, and about taking his love and goodness out to others in the community. Please do get in touch if you have anything else to share.

On Sunday at 10.30am, join us once again online for our livestream service - the first Sunday of Advent! I'll be looking at Ezra 9, as we come towards the end of the Book. Follow on FacebookYoutube or Zoom (631 970 6882) as usual.

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St Thomas News - 18th November 2020

Dear Church,

Please join in our prayer meeting tomorrow evening if you are able. 7.30pm on Zoom (ID 631 970 6882). We'll be thinking and praying together about God's priorities for our church into next year. As the body of Christ, let's be listening out for his voice together. 
If you are able to fast during the day, this can be helpful in developing our hunger for God. And please do send me any thoughts and words you have if you can't be with us in the evening.
The church building is open for prayer tomorrow 12-1.30pm, so feel welcome to come if you'd like to.
Jo shared with us on Sunday about the ways we hope we can still shine light into our community this Christmas, even with restrictions in place. Among other things, we hope to create a Christmas trail in the building to invite people into. Here are some ways you can help us make an impact this year:

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