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St Thomas’ Prayer Diary – June 2020


St Thomas’ Prayer Diary – June 2020

“The Lord will march out like a mighty man. Like a warrior He will stir up His zeal”.  (Isaiah 42 v 13)


Focus today on the weekend’s teaching on the Holy Spirit and use this as an incentive to pray.


Many children are returning to school this week.  Pray for the teachers and children as they begin a new “normal”.


Pray today for YoYo and its outreach to schools through using the Internet and other media means.


Spend sometime today praying for the schools in the Groves area … Haxby Road and Park Grove.


Pray about the possibility of setting up an online Alpha course. Pray that interest might be shown.


Pray today for all those who are going to be involved in tomorrow’s service.  Asking that God might speak through them.


Pray that as we focus on the success of the early church that we might imitate their dependence on the Holy Spirit


Pray that we might see the rate of the Covid 19 infection falling.  Pray about a situation you have heard about.


Continue to pray that the countries of Africa will remain relatively Covid free.


Pray for our Homegroups that there will be a sense of real fellowship despite not being able to meet in person.


Pray today for a particular group that you are involved with, particularly where there has been limited contact.


Continue to pray for families with young children in our church and those in our community you know personally.


Pray for Al, Lucy and family that they will experience the closeness and reality of God’s presence.


Pray today for someone you know of who might be experiencing difficult circumstances.


Continue to pray for our country as lockdown is eased and that the rate of infection might continue to fall.


Pray for Eddy & Maya and all those involved in the Groves Grocery Team, asking that God will really bless them.


We have been encouraged to be bold in our witness – ask God to give you the opportunity to share your faith.


Pray for Dave Pennock, our Treasurer, that wisdom might be given as he deals with all aspects of our church finance.


Continue to pray for the leaders of our country as they make difficult decisions.  Ask God to give them wisdom and integrity.


Pray for our staff members as they prepare for the weekend services.


Continue to pray for our services as they are live streamed that God will really speak to those listening to the service.


Pray today for a world situation which seems out of control. Pray that God will intervene in an amazing way.


Remember older members of our congregation that they might know God’s presence and blessing in a special way.


Continue to pray for Chris, Suzy and family that they might be rested and refreshed.


Pray today for all the students attached to St Thomas’ and ask God to bless them in these unusual times.


Pray for your Homegroup leaders, asking God’s blessing upon them and that they might feel inspired and renewed 


Today choose a country to pray for where you know there are tremendous difficulties – Syria, Yemen, parts of Nigeria etc.


Pray that our city might be filled with the presence and power of God especially through the live streaming services which are being broadcast.


Pray for those you know who have experienced sadness and bereavement during this pandemic. 


Review what has happened during this month and give thanks for a situation where God has answered prayer.



Home Groups during the Pandemic

Our home groups continue to meet online during the Covid19 pandemic.  This is a great way to stay in touch, feel supported and encourage others.  If you aren't yet in a group but would like to be, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..